Shotzie Cado 


About Me

I was born and raised in Germany of a military background. With a drill sergeant as a mother and mechanical engineer as a father, I never lacked for discipline. I was singing and entertaining the moment I opened my mouth to speak and even modeled as a baby. 

My true passion is entertaining. Never settling for a minimum, I joined the Air Force, achieved a BS in Criminal Justice and a master’s degree in IT. I’ve held many jobs in my lifetime, from a sales consultant at David’s Bridal to a salesperson at TitleMax. The drive to succeed in whatever I put my mind to probably comes from being a trained fighter. I consider myself the female version of Deadpool, so performing as much of my own stunts while showing that comedic sarcastic side is my home. But I like to explore all avenues. There is nothing like challenging yourself and expressing your gift in different aspects. So I have also modeled, hosted, acted in dramatic pieces, even did a stand-up comic gig! So I am no stranger to hard work and pushing beyond the barrier I can see. 

As a child, I was shy and timid but growing up around male family members made sure to change that! There’s no better feeling than a good laugh and I do plenty of that. I’ve been in a few theater productions, film, and television/web series. 

I let nothing and no one hold me back from what I believe in or want to achieve. My mottos are ‘whatever rows your boat and makes it float’, ‘don’t stress about anything you can’t do nothing about’, and ‘you’ll never know until you try’. Believing you can is the start of any dream!